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Dive Site Of Shimoji Area in Okinawa Miyako Island Buceo Sitio de Shimoji Area

Shimoji Area Dive Site Information

Queens Room

Pale blue sunlight on pure white sand

Dive into the shallow reef and enter the Queen's room through a hole 25m. There is a large space with pure white sand and pale blue sunlight illuminating the sand. A very fantastic world.
On the sand, you can see Rockmover wrasse Spotted prawn goby and Landall's shimp goby, and Deep sea squat lobster can be seen on the sea whip.
When you go down the sloped sand, sunlight entering through three holes shows a very fantastic world.





Topography, Hole, Small fish




You can see
Redtooth triggerfish, Pyramid butterflyfish, Amethyst anthias, Doble lined fusilier, Blue streak fusilier, Yellowback fusilier, 
Flame file shellSpotted prawn goby, Plandall's shimp goby, Deep sea squat lobster, Harlequin ghost pipefish, Blotcheye soldierfish, Blackstripe sweeper, Fire dartfish, Blackfin dartfish, Pink anemonefish, Clark's anemonefish, Tomato anemonefish, Whip coral goby, Whitemouse moray, Green turtle, Nudi branch and sea slug, etc...

Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Queens Room

Queens Room

Okinawa Diving Queens Room
Miyakojima Diving Queens Room
Shimojijima Diving Queens Room
Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Queens Room Plandall's shimp goby
Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Queens Room Harlequin ghost pipefish
Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Queens Room Deep sea squat lobster

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Miyakojima Diving Phone +81-980-79-5009
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