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Dive Site Of Irabu Area in Okinawa Miyako Island Buceo Sitio de Shimoji Area

Irabu Area Dive Site Information

L-Shaped Arch

Dynamic arch and long cave!

The L-shaped arch is the most dynamic topography on Irabu Island.
As you head offshore from the reef, there are large hollow and arches at a depth of about 20 m.
There is a depth of about 35m under the arch, and you will be fascinated by the dynamic topography.In most cases you will see a Giant Trevally under the arch.
After passing arch you will see entrance to the cave. You're very exciting by the cave and the school of fish.
Maybe, you can see lots of fish, lobsters and crabs.





Topography, Arch, Cave, Big fish, Small fish


5 - 40m


You can see
Redtooth triggerfish, Spotted moray, Whitemouth moray, Clark's anemonefish, Tomato anemonefish, Doble lined fusilier, Blue streak fusilier, Yellowfin goatfish, 
Blackstripe sweeper, Bluestripe snapper, Moontail bullseye, Blotcheye soldierfish, Squarespot fairy basslet, Whip coral goby, Longlegged spiny lobster, Reef lobster, Giant trevally, Nudi branch and sea slug, etc...
Sometimes you can see Manta ray, 
Napoleonfish, Turtle, Whitetip reef shark  and Dogtooth tuna.

Okinawa Miyakojima Diving L-shaped arch

L-shaped arch

Okinawa Diving L-shaped arch
Okinawa Diving L-shaped arch Giant trevally
Okinawa Diving L-shaped arch Blotcheye soldierfish
Okinawa Diving L-shaped arch reef lobster
Okinawa Diving L-shaped arch Longlegged spiny lobster
Okinawa Diving L-shaped arch Spotted moray

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Miyakojima Diving Phone +81-980-79-5009
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