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Dive Site Of Shimoji Area in Okinawa Miyako Island Buceo Sitio de Shimoji Area

Shimoji Area Dive Site Information

35 Hole

You can see sea turtles with a high probability

A lot of fish school on the shallow reef and can be seen with high probability in sea turtles.
In the drop-off going to the hole, you can see Whip coral goby and Gorgonian pandalid shrimp live in whip coral. Inside the hole, you can see many schools of Blotcheye soldierfish, Moontail bullseye and Blackstripe sweeper.
Sometimes you can see Whitetip reef sharks. Also, the sunlight entering the hole is wonderful.
This dive site is you can enjoy macro photography with schools of many fish in the shallow reef.





Topography, Hole, Big fish, Small fish




You can see
Tomato anemonefish, Clark's anemonefish, Pink anemonefish, Goldlined sea bream, Yellowfin goatfish, 
Doble lined fusilier, Blue streak fusilier, Yellowback fusilier, Amethyst anthias, Flame file shell, Redtooth triggerfish, purple-mask angelfish, Blue angelfish, Clown triggerfish, Arceye hawkfish, Hawksbill turtle, Green turtle, Whitetip reef shark, Nudi branch and sea slug, etc...
Sometimes you can see Manta ray, Napoleonfish and Dogtooth tuna.

Okinawa Miyakojima Diving 35 Hole

35 Hole

Miyakojima Diving 35 Hole
Miyakojima Diving 35 Hole Whitetip reef shark
Okinawa Diving 35 Hole Tomato Anemonefish
Okinawa Miyakojima Diving 35 Hole Clark's anemonefish
Okinawa Diving 35 Hole Goldlined sea bream
Okinawa Miyakojima Diving 35 Hole Hawksbill Turtle

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Miyakojima Diving Phone +81-980-79-5009
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