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Cross Hole Tori Pond Antonio Gaudi Mini Grotto Queens Room
Okinawa Miyakojima Certified Diving / Certificado buceo

Miyakojima Certified Diving

Boat Diving / Barco de buceo

Boat Diving

Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Antonio Gaudi Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Wreck Ship Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Cross Hole Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Giant Trevally Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Double Arch

Diving points around Irabu Island and Shimojijima Island, one of the best in the world for topography lovers!
Miyakojima's three major spots, Devile's Palace, Tori pond, and Antonio Gaudi, are mysterious worlds where sunlight shines on a dynamic topography!
There are many holes, caves, and arches in the under water, and the appearance of sunlight is truly an art of light!
In the case of south wind, we dive on the Irabu Island side and north wind, we also dive on Shimojima and Miyakojima south coast. The dive site changes depending on the wind direction in spring and autumn when the wind direction is not stable.
With safety first, we will guide you through the wonderful underwater world to meet each person's request as much as possible according to your skill and level.

1Tank Boat Dive


2Tank Boat Dive


3Tank Boat Dive


1Tank Boat Dive


2Tank Boat Dive


3Tank Boat Dive


Okinawa Miyakojima Beach Diving / Playa buceo

Beach Diving

Okinawa Miyakojima Beach Diving Okinawa Miyakojima Beach Diving Clown Anemone fish Okinawa Miyakojima Beach Diving Yellow Boxfish Okinawa Miyakojima Beach Diving Cuttlefish Okinawa Miyakojima Beach Diving Mandarinfish

You can enjoy fun diving with lots of tropical fish even on beach diving.
You can enjoy fun diving slowly on the beach, such as those who are not good at boats, want to observe fish carefully, do not dive for a long time, feel uneasy with skills.
It will be fun to observe many creatures and young fish different from boat diving. Also, you can see beautiful corals.
We dive mainly in the Kurima Beach, Hakuai Waiwai Beach, Shigira Beach, Imgya Marine Garden and Nakanoshima Beach.

1Tank Beach Dive


2Tank Beach Dive


1Tank Beach Dive


2Tank Beach Dive


Cylinder(Steel tank 10L or 12L), Weight, Guide, Drink, Lunch(2Tank or 3Tank only), Tax, Insurance, Pickup and Drop off.

Usually use 10L cylinders. Please let us know if you need 12L cylinder and charges in this case don't change.

About pickup

Pick-up is included in the price. However, pick-up and drop-off during the busy season may be difficult. In this case, please directly to meeting place by car.

Cancellation after booking

Cancellation after 19:00 the day before: 50%
Cancellation of activity day: 100%

Cancellation and delay of a plane and ferry are excluded.

In case of typhoon or bad sea conditions

- There are no cancellation fees for travel cancellations, aircraft delays or cancellations.
- There is no cancellation fee if the boat cannot leave due to typhoons or deterioration of sea conditions or if it is difficult on the beach.

If you change from boat to beach due to bad sea condition, beach fee will be charged.

- Dive logbook and certification card.
- Please come to wear a swimsuit, bring a change of clothes and a towel.
- Hat, Sunscreen, Sunglasses
If you are concerned about seasickness, please take motion sickness medicine beforehand.
- Please wear warm clothes in winter.

Rental Equipment Alquiler Material
Rental Equipment Alquiler Material
Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Rental Equipment

 Those who have diving equipment

You can send the equipment to dive shop.
Equipment will be stored in the shop. We will bring the equipment on the day of the activity.
Shipping address
Miyakojima Diving Aquatic Adventure
#101,543-1Hirara-Shimosato Miyakojima-shi Okinawa 906-0013 JAPAN
Phone +81 980 79 5009

Full Rental






Wet Suits


Set (Mask / Fins / Snorkel / Boots)


Only one (Mask / Fins / Snorkel / Boots)




Underwater Digital Camera


LED Torch


UV Torch


All rates are per person per day.
Digital camera is not included in a full rental.
If you need rental equipment, please let us know your body size with making your book.

Book and Contact

You can apply for the online booking form.
For more information, please contact us by email.
email : info@miyako-aquaticadventure.com

Miyakojima Diving Phone +81-980-79-5009
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