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Dive Site Of Miyako Area in Okinawa Miyako Island Buceo Sitio de Miyako Area

Miyako Area Dive Site Information


Huge and small rocks dotted over large sandy area

Diana in the south coast area of Miyakojima.
When you go offshore from a shallow reef, Huge rocks dotted in a large sandy area.
A lot of Doble lined fusilier and Blue streak fusilier school of around the rock.
Sometimes Green turtle comes to the rock.
There are crevasses and caves around the shallow reef and you can enjoy the topography.





Topography, Sandy area, Big fish, Small fish




You can see
Clark's anemonefish, Trampetfish, Longnose butterflyfish, Saddle butterflyfish, Threadfin butterflyfish, Clown triggerfish, Shapnose puffer, Blue green chromis, Threespot dascyllus, Reticulated dascyllus, Humbug dascyllus, Doble lined fusilier, Blue streak fusilier, Yellowback fusilier, Green turtle, Nudi branch and sea slug, etc...

Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Diana


Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Diana
Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Diana
Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Diana Clark's anemonefish
Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Diana Sandy area
Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Diana
Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Diana

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Miyakojima Diving Phone +81-980-79-5009
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