Today We also went to the Shimoji Island for 3 diving

29 May 2017 Weather:Cloudy Air Temp:26℃ Seawater Temp:26.4℃ Wind:ENE→E

We had 3 dive in the Shimoji with the repeater guest today.

【Dive 1 Tori Pond】

Okinawa Miyako Diving Tori Pond
Pink anemonefish

Today ‘s first dive is a famous dive site “Tori pond” in Miyako.
A lot of Blue streak fusiliers and Pyramid butterflyfish were flocking when entering.
As We passed through the arch, I saw a chemocline.
We went to the surface and saw a lot of tourists.
Pink anemonefish was at the bottom of the pond.

【Dive 2 Ichinose Drop】

Okinawa Miyako Diving Ichinose Drop
Sea Fan

Second dive went to Ichinose Drop.
We went to Pyramid Rock without current.
From the reef of the shallow to the offshore, Wen ehe reef the offshirf,when the reef gose off the Dynamic topography.
There are lots of big sea fans.
Triangular bommie is called pyramid rock and many fish swuun8ng gracefully.

【Dive 3 Nakanoshima Hole】

Okinawa Miyako Diving Nakanoshima Hole
Nakanoshima Hole

Third dive is to the Nakanoshima Hole.
There is a hole off the coast which protruded to the north side of Nakanoshima Bay.
Go down to depth of 25m from the hole in the reef,and moving the sideways towards the sea has dynamic toppograhy.
There was a sea horse at the exit of Cave.

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