We went to diving to the Shimoji area

28 May 2017 Weather:Cloudy Air Temp:22℃ Seawater Temp:26.4℃ Wind:ENE→E

Today, We went to diving to the Shimoji area.

【Dive 1 Coral Hole】

Coral Hole

Today, We went to the boat diving from the afternoon to the Shimoji Island.
First dive went to the coral hole.
We saw Noble file clam at the entrance of the hole.
We saw a white chip shark in the hole.
In addition, We saw Moontail bullseye, a lot of Blue streak fusilier, Black stripe sweeper, Scssor tail sergeant

【Dive 2 Naruhodo The Cave】

Naruhodo The Cave

The second dive went to Naruhodo The Cave.
After coming through a short tunnel, we will return to the same place.
We saw Longlegged spiny lobster, Black stripe sweeper in the cave.
Outside the cave We saw Whitemouth moray, Snowflake moray, Noble file clam.

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